libURL gone mad

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Sep 1 19:47:23 EDT 2016

Follow-up:  how much in the way of libURL reliability will find its way 
into v8.1 Community Edition?

I have some ambitious goals for the open source version down the road, 
and I'm hoping we can have robust, reliable HTTP access there as well.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

Charles Warwick wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> I am keen to see as many of these issues resolved as possible, so please
> let me know if you have any more details for requests that don't seem to
> ever complete or error.
> By the sounds of it, you are using a commercial version of LC that
> includes tsNet and its libUrl wrapper.
> There are a number of fixes for tsNet that will be coming out in 8.1RC2
> when it is released (they did not quite make it into RC1).
> In particular, the "tsneterr: Sync request already in progress" should
> only be seen if you are calling the tsNet handlers directly, not if you
> are using libUrl.  In RC2, you will only ever see the standard "Previous
> request not yet completed" error if you are using libUrl commands.
> It also has some improved request handling that will hopefully resolve
> some of issues with requests not completing properly.
> And in answer to your main question there.... this release will also
> include a new function tsNetIsSyncBlocked() that will do exactly what
> you want.
> This function will return true if an existing synchronous network
> request is in progress (libUrl commands like post x to url y, put url x
> into y, etc...) that will prevent another synchronous request from being
> initiated (async or non-blocking requests can still be made).  Note that
> in the LC Business edition, multiple requests can be sent at the same
> time, so this will always return false.
> So, to rewrite the handler you have below, you will be able to simply do:
> on mouseUp
>      if tsNetIsSyncBlocked() is true then
>          beep
>      else
>          get url tURL
>          if the result is empty then
>              put it into image 1
>          else
>              answer the result
>          end if
>      end if
> end mouseUp

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