Turn off tsNet?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Nov 30 17:41:12 EST 2016

Is there a way to temporarily turn off tsNet, or at least disable it for 
the duration of a given LiveCode session?

I do a lot of work supporting the community, and since tsNet isn't 
available in the Community Edition it would be nice to be able to turn 
that off when I need to get the same behavior.

It would also help me diagnose some occasional issues I've found with my 
LiveNet plugin (no recipe yet), which worked great with libURL in 
earlier versions but now show intermittent issues in v.9 Indy.

I see there's a tsnetClose command which says it "disables the tsNet 
external", but it's not clear if that will also prevent it from 
re-loading next time I use any URL-related calls.

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