Evils of client-side SMTP (Re: Modern email library)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Nov 30 15:19:21 EST 2016

Ben Rubinstein wrote:

 > I can see why, as a user, you might be uncomfortable about giving
 > your email account details to an app so that it can send emails
 > in your name, invisibly and unreviewed by you. Quite right too!
 > And if you're developing software for consumers, you need to take
 > that into account.

Sounds like we're on the same page.

 > But I don't understand why as a developer who knows why you want
 > the feature you'd be uncomfortable (except from a marketing
 > perspective, as per the start of this para).
 > Can you explain your concern further?

I think you covered it well above.

Many of these sorts of discussion in our community relate to use in 
consumer apps, often on the desktop and sometimes even on a phone.  And 
for the reasons you outlined so well above, such use cases are highly 

Beyond that, what an experienced developer wants to do on the machines 
they admin is of course entirely up to them.

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