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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Nov 30 01:26:55 CET 2016

This could be a number of strings, such as "file not open for read" or 
"file does not exist". There is no special string that indicates a 
particular error, e.g. the errors don't all start with "error". You have 
to check that the error is unexpected and doesn't contains "eof".

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Op 30-Nov-16 om 01:12 schreef Peter Bogdanoff:
> When I use:
> read from file tURL until eof
> to read from a file on disk, should I expect the <result> to always contain “eof”?
> I’m suspecting there could be a a file read error while reading thousands of files and I want to catch that.What should I expect to see in the result when that happens?
> Peter Bogdanoff
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