Points of Regular Polygon

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Nov 29 14:09:14 EST 2016

Richmond Mathewson wrote:

 > Oddly enough, that may have uncovered a bug in LC 9 dp3 . . .
 > I thought I would set the points of a polygon graphic to the points
 > of the regular polygon graphic that I had exported into a scrolling
 > list field.
 > But when I selected 'Polygon Graphic' from the Menu/Object/New
 > Control/Polygon Graphic
 > (Mac OS 10.7.5: yeah, yeah, I know, 'tisn't supported for LC 9: go
 > and try it on a newer Mac running Mac OS Rocky Mountain) and no
 > polygon graphic appeared on my stack.
 > To contextualise this: there is no problem if I select 'regualr
 > polygon graphic'.

An irregular polygon has no inherent shape; its points must be drawn by 
the user.

When I choose that menu item (in v9.0 dp3 on Ubuntu) the tool changes to 
graphic polygon, and allows me to draw it out as expected.

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