Widget request (native text scroller for iOS)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Nov 29 11:15:25 EST 2016

John Allijn wrote:

 > Most of the time when I work on an iOS app, I run into problems with
 > scrollers, fields that scroll their contents over the screen.
 > Usually I have just one scrollable field on a card with variable text
 > in it. Most often this text is downloaded from a database and I just
 > put the plain text into this field.
 > Most often, the field does not scroll, does not show up, won’t
 > display all the content, runs over the boundaries that I’ve set or
 > is just badly positioned.
 > The last few apps I made, I worked around this problem by designing
 > my app around it. (splitting the text in chunks that are big enough
 > to display and using swipes to go to the next card with more content)
 > but this has been annoying me ever since.
 > I was wondering if someone had, or was willing to make, a livecode
 > widget for a scrolling field. That way we can all just drag it in the
 > project, fill it with text and get some sleep again :)

Widgets are great for making new kinds of objects, but if all that's 
needed here is to fix a bug with scrolling on the existing field object 
IMO that's just a bug.

Has it been reported?

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