LC 9 has all the improvements of the LC 8.1 series, yes?

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Tue Nov 29 08:20:32 EST 2016

On 29/11/2016 13:15, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> And additionally I would like to know, what caused a new first number? Why
> not 8.2? What is the relevant change to make a new major version? Concerning
> compatibility?

Hi Tiemo,

 From LiveCode 9 onwards, we will use a simplified numbering scheme:

- If we add anything new or make any backward-incompatible change: 
increment first number, reset second number to 0

- If we fix bugs in a backwards-compatible way: keep first number, 
increment second number

I explained this in the blog post that I wrote about the LiveCode 9 DP 1 

The new features in LiveCode 9 will include Infinite LiveCode 
capability, with _at least_ the ability to integrate LCB code directly 
with Java libraries (such as Android APIs).


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