Serving Videos with LC/iRev

Rick Harrison harrison at
Sun Nov 27 10:03:16 EST 2016

Hi Phil,

One can hide real URLs in the browser URL box, and I’ve done that before.
The problem is that if someone looks at the page source code that’s in the
browser, then the real URL is revealed.  I need a language that doesn’t
reveal it’s source code in the browser.  I thought that iRev/LC tags might
be able to do that for me.  

Unfortunately, I do not get any email from the purchasers so there isn’t
a good way to track/tag real customers.  What I need is for real users
to be able to get their content and to not be able to share that information
with others.  The others who haven’t paid shouldn’t be able to know
the correct URL to use.

Thank you for your efforts!


> On Nov 26, 2016, at 10:29 PM, Phil Davis <revdev at> wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> You can alter URLs using a .htaccess file on the server. e.g. When a person goes to " <>" they see " <>" in the browser URL box. I've never done it but I'm sure someone here could comment on this approach.
> I'm thinking there's probably some kind of dance the server code can do where if a person tries to access the video using that final URL directly, it would refuse. Or maybe the server would simply return a 404. Not sure.
> Do you receive the emails of purchasers? Could you ask them to enter it before watching? That wouldn't prevent abuse but at least you could track likely suspects.
> Phil Davis

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