Determine if script is running

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Sun Nov 27 15:08:57 CET 2016

If a beginner was asking this question, I would skip the thread and move on
because...come on.  LC is single-threaded.

HOWEVER, wait with messages brings up an interesting problem - how to tell
if a script that was waiting...with messages is waiting, or is dead,
perhaps exited.  I don't really want to do the compile/launch workaround,
because I want to be able to have Bad Things trip the debugger, which is
hard to do with standalones.

I suppose I could have the script update a global each time it begins a
wait, and then have the cron script look for that, and if we're past a
certain time, assume that the wait is over, but that assumes I don't
introduce some error, later and forget to update the variable.

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