Serving Videos with LC/iRev

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Nov 27 03:09:03 CET 2016

Instead of hiding the URL, you could write a script that creates a key 
depending on user credentials and a unique number, say the time, and add 
it to the URL. The code should follow some some rules, e.g. the last 
part of the code could be a hash. Encrypt the information in your app 
and decrypt it on the server. If the user credentials are correct and 
the unique code is correct and hasn't been used yet, send the video, and 
reject the request otherwise.

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Mark Schonewille

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Op 27-Nov-16 om 01:48 schreef Rick Harrison:
> Hi there,
> I have a video I want to serve from
> an LC/iRev Server.  I want to do it
> from within an iRev script on the
> LC Server so that the URL of the
> video is hidden in the code from the
> user if possible.
> Basically I want people who pay me to
> see my video to be able to view my
> video, but I don’t want them to be
> able to easily find the URL, by looking
> at the source code, and start giving it
> out to their friends for free.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks in advance!
> Rick
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