Draw an adjustable Trapezoid in Livecode - How to change x, y of the 4 corner points of a rect

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Wed Nov 23 23:44:12 EST 2016

I want to be able to draw an adjustable trapezoid in Livecode.

The regular polygon tool set to 4 sides doesn't allow you  to grab any given

Similarly, the polygon graphic also doesn't provide grab points for corners of a rect that you can drag and adjust

Is this just impossible? or am I missing something?

I could live with the option to set the four points of the graphic such that 4 straight lines are connected but the corners placed where I want them… a bit above my brain pay grade at the moment. of course you could set *all* of the points of the graphic but I'd like just to be able to set the points of the 4 corners of the rect/trapezoid

is this even doable?


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