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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Nov 24 02:38:16 CET 2016

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > (hmm I guess this would be easy enough to test,
 > now that I break it down….)

Nothing beats hands-on empirical evidence.

And maybe needed here, because to be honest I don't understand your 
script.  I see that you have a "start using" command, but I don't see it 
inside of any handler, so I can't imagine how it ever gets triggered.

I also don't see anything in your mouseUp handler that includes "start 
using", so I can't imagine how the mouseUp handler could trigger a 
libraryStack message, or anything other than the wonderOfWonders command 
you included in it.

 From the number of questions about things like this it seems you may 
have an unusually complex initialization setup.  I wonder if there's 
some way it may be simplified.  I suppose it's possible to write complex 
code in any language, but loading some libraries needn't be difficult in 
an xTalk.

 > helloWorld.livecodescript  # stack
 >     # contains handler  1
 > on libraryStack
 >        answer "One World, One God" with "OK!"
 > end libraryStack
 > # contains handler 2
 > on wonderOfWonders
 >     Answer "The new president!" with "God Help Him/Us!"
 > end wonderOfWonders
 > -------------
 > initializeApp.livecodeScript
 >     # does a variety of job including:
 >     start using stack "HelloWorld.livecodescript #
 > helloWord.livecodescript is now a "back" script.
 > ----------
 > # some higher level button on a card script or wherever
 > on mouseup
 >   wonderOfWonders # evokes dialog from helloWorld.livecodescript
 > end mouseUp
 > # but is the "libraryStack"  also passed from hello
 > world stackk when that button is pressed that calls a handler within
 > it??

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