LibraryStack Message

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Nov 23 17:31:52 EST 2016

if you have a stack in your repository e.g.

lib_colorManipulation.livecode  # script only

that is in the stack files and your initialization script
loops through the stack files and for every "lib_*"  file it runs

start using stack [lib_colorManipulation.livecode] # and any others…

these are all effectively put into the message path.

OK so far, no brainer  BUT

if your stack wants to also do some initialization itself… and you put this into one of those stacks:

on libraryStack
# do more initialization stuff here that you
# may prefer to encapsulate inside this script
end libraryStack

is "libraryStack"

fired every time a handler is used in that script/stack?  or is "libraryStack" only issued with the very first

"start using ….."

?  this issue is: we don't want the initialization scripts in the stack to fire everytime it is called, only on the very first "start using"

Svasti Astu, Be Well

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