Macintosh support

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Mon Nov 21 17:48:26 CET 2016

Honestly though, nothing is stopping you from developing with LC versions prior to 9. If you use script only stacks for your code libraries, it should be fairly easy to conditionally branch for any new features you might want to make available which older versions do not support.  And if you say that this is too much trouble and you shouldn't be expected to go through all that, well then you have just made RunRev's point for them. :-)

Bob S

On Nov 20, 2016, at 04:34 , Richmond <richmondmathewson at<mailto:richmondmathewson at>> wrote:

"LiveCode 9 may still run on OS X 10.7, for the time being"

It does, cheers, cheers!

Having just invested 190 Euros in a 2006 Intel iMac (max OS 10.7) I am extremely
happy about this.

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