Sharing widgets (was Re: Type on an angle)

hh hh at
Mon Nov 21 10:38:32 EST 2016

> > > zyrip wrote: Where can I share it?
> > Ben wrote: What is a good answer to zryip's question below,
> > where should interesting third-party widgets be shared?
> Andy wrote: The widget could be uploaded as a zip to the
> Sample Stacks. There are a couple there already.

If you mean snippets or widgets for the community, then
you could write a post here (please number it as I did,
so it's **easier to refer** to it):

Community Snippets:
Community Widgets:

If the zip is less than 256 KByte you can also upload it to
the forum.
In "Sample Stacks"/livecodeshare there is currently one single
_LCB widget_ (there are more LCS groups, also called 'widgets').

This is my proposal:
No matter where you upload it if not the forum: Please number the
widget/snippet in a forum post in Community Widgets/Snippets and
link there to the download location.

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