Sharing widgets (was Re: Type on an angle)

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Nov 21 07:30:56 EST 2016

This sounds great! I don't know the correct answer to the question, but I'd 
certainly like to see the widget. If nothing else perhaps you could share a 
dropboxlink or similar with the list.

What is a good answer to zryip's question below, where should interesting 
third-party widgets be shared?


On 20/11/2016 13:07, zryip theSlug wrote:
 > Hi,
 > The only widget I created so far is an orientable text with the
 > following properties:
 > - label
 > - angle
 > - font name
 > - font size
 > - font color
 > - font color opacity
 > - background color
 > - background opacity
 > I created it long time ago with the very first LC version supporting
 > widgets and have updated the code for following the LCB syntax
 > changes. I've stopped to play with widgets after this, so the code is
 > far to be neat but I can share it if someone need it or want to
 > improve it.
 > Where can I share it?
 > Best Regards,

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