Type on an angle

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Mon Nov 21 03:55:09 EST 2016

> Scott R. wrote:
> > Hermann H. wrote:
> > Adding a 'native' angle property doesn't turn a bitmap display into a
> > raster display based on postscript/pdf.
> > Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator use postscript/pdf for each and every
> > single glyph. They dont have rotated fields (seen as controls). They even
> > don't have a rotated _postscript_ insertion cursor for 'rotated editing'.
> Just for the record, the above may be correct from a technical standpoint,
> but is inaccurate with regard to what is presented to users.
> The embedded screen capture below may not arrive on the list intact, but
> illustrates the point.
> Also provided is the option to assign orientation to text.

This is exactly what I meant. They display simply a rotated text path,
rastered from postscript/pdf, NOT a rotated field object. Or does editing
also work while the text stays at an angle of 35 degrees, in several lines,
text alignment centered, having 'vertical' or 'horizontal' scrollbars?

This kind of display and editing rotated Text is already also possible in
LC Builder (a 'real' selfmade-cursor, which is AFAIK still a bitmap, at
multiple of 90 degrees only).

For the problem of rotating a bitmap cursor MaxV started back in 2014
a thread in the forum. There is a 'rough' solution.

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