Type on an angle

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Sun Nov 20 04:42:53 EST 2016

Roger E. wrote:
> I would much rather have a native angle property as a part of the text
> field.  Live text on an angle like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator have
> would enable a whole world of design apps with LiveCode.  I've used the
> snapshot workaround for 15 years, and it has never impressed anyone.

Adding a 'native' angle property doesn't turn a bitmap display into a
raster display based on postscript/pdf.
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator use postscript/pdf for each and every
single glyph. They dont have rotated fields (seen as controls). They even
don't have a rotated _postscript_ insertion cursor for 'rotated editing'.

But you could use right now LC Builder:
If taking an SVG Font (as I do in the SVG-Text widget) you can have more
affine transforms than only rotating.

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