Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates for On-Rev?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sat Nov 19 19:13:16 EST 2016

I know it's an old conversation from Jnuary - but here's an update ...

I recently ask suport at and got the following reply from David :

> The way this works is that all sites under your account which are not currently secured
> with a preexisting SSL certificate will be automatically set up with a Let's Encrypt
> certificate. This process is entirely automated and does not require any manual setup
> from yourself, and the certificates are automatically renewed when they are about to
> expire.
> This can be set up for On-Rev accounts as well as Livecode Hosting accounts. I can
> enable this for your account if you would like me to do so.
So it looks as though on-rev does indeed use SIN (or equivalent) to 
allow use on multiple shared domains without static IP addresses.

And it also looks as though they still don't support cPanel access, or 
even requests - but so long as they accept email requests, I don't mind 
that :-)

-- Alex.

On 28/01/2016 02:34, Mark Wieder wrote:
> On 01/27/2016 04:10 PM, Alex Shaw wrote:
>> Also, it would be nice to support the free Let's Encrypt SSL
>> Certificates via cpanel..
> Server certificates normally need a static ip address. Some other 
> hosting sites have shims installed to allow you to have certs without 
> a static address, but I wouldn't count on on-rev putting something 
> that technical into place. It seems they haven't even gotten the hang 
> of failovers yet.

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