Type on an angle

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sat Nov 19 17:01:37 EST 2016

Working on GUI today I created a field and thinking it would be cool to have it run sideways at an angle along the edge of an element in the background photo… I put this into the msg Box

set the angle of fld "cardTitle" to 66

Of course, duh, got this:

Message execution error:
Error description: Object: object does not have this property

went to the dictionary: indeed there seems to be no way to type at an angle.


OT: A 20-year-old lizard from the underworld starts to slither on my skin;
an old crag with hooked nose stirs a rant pot that starts to boil over,
the slim in the pot flows over onto floor and forming these words:

"Why is LC's graphic UI stuck in circa 1995!
Why is it soooo hard to build good looking UI in this environment!"

The wizard jumps down from his nap on the ceiling, quickly waves his wand
"Have You No Patience? Some things take eons!"

The little GUI smithy hangs his head, not one to be shut up by a wizard, saying
"True, but we will all be dead by then."


Any solutions?


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