disabled on 10/28 for bounces--to gmail???

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Nov 17 14:26:52 EST 2016

On 11/17/16 1:15 PM, Jacques Clavel wrote:
> The problem is that all seems to be normal for me, no problem at all, I
> just received an email (the third) from use-livecode-request which says
> (see below). I re-enabled my membership by using the first link and I
> received again the messages from the list.
> Can I do something to help to solve the problem?

I wonder if the problem is over-aggressive spam filtering. If a spam 
filter bounces the list mail back to Mailman, you'd have "excessive 

I am not having the problem. In my cPanel I have spam filtering set to 
the default average level (5) and I receive list mails individually. I 
think sometimes the digest can appear as spam and that might cause a 
bounce. So I wonder if those people who are getting unsubscribed are 
receiving the digest? If you try receiving individual messages, do you 
still get the warning?

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