LC 6 to 8 some strange expieriences aligning objects at resizeStack

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Nov 17 09:34:23 EST 2016


I am migrating an old LC 2-6 stack to LC 8.1.1 In this stack I resize and
arrange all objects by script when resizing the window.

First experience was, that on Windows everything worked the same as in LC 6,
all objects looked fine and aligned when resizing.

On OS X 10.11 I am still fiddling around since some days to get all objects
aligned. The nasty thing is, that I now have lots of code, which I have to
differentiate between Win and Mac, where I had all the same code for
resizing up to now in LC 6.

One of the tiny, nasty things is, that the rect of an option button now can
be different, as the visible rect of the button. Only at the default button
height of 22 both are congruent. I know, this is a new thing of the
underlying OS X drawing routines. But since I can't test it, I have no idea,
what happens going back on a 10.8 system or to Sierra, are there the same
graphic objects, or do I have to differentiate for 10.8,10.9,..?

What is more annoying is that the height of the stack isn't anymore the same
as the parameter newHeight of the resizeStack handler (what it was before on
OS X and still is on Windows). Again lots more of code differentiation.

Another weird issue is that the video appears 26 pixel lower as the player
object is located (26 is the height of my stack menubar). Now I have to
place the player object more to top by the height of the menubar. Since I
couldn't create a recipie in a test stack for this strange issue, I didn't
reported this as a bug. Again here I feel very unsafe if this hard coded
workaround to place the player object more to top, as the video has to
appear, works on all OS X platforms.

Now I feel very uncomfortable with LC 8.1.1 shortly before release.
(Unfortunatly I discovered these resizing anomalies on OS X pretty late in
my project) 

Do you have any similar experiences? Any recommendations?




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