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Wed Nov 16 09:13:31 EST 2016

Richmond wrote:

> Nothing is wrong with this in Livecode 7.1.4
> BUT is does not work in Livecode 8.1.1
> Bug 18864
> Richmond.
> On 16.11.2016 14:44, Richmond wrote:
>> I wonder what's wrong with this:
>> on mouseUp
>>    put "make me coffee" into SKRIPT
>>    set the script of btn "BB" to SKRIPT
>> end mouseUp
>> Richmond.

Your sample stack included in the bug report, as well as a more complete 
example that includes an actual handler definition, both work as 
expected in v9dp1 under Ubuntu 14..04.

Think about it: if the "set the script..." command didn't work, the 
Script Editor wouldn't work, and it wouldn't be possible to do any 
scripting in LiveCode at all.

I suspect something else is in play in your running of the test....

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