recode: set the useUnicode

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Wed Nov 16 09:51:18 CET 2016

On 16/11/2016 08:47, Richmond wrote:
> I am currently working on a series of automated routines to recode my
> Devawriter Pro stack
> from Livecode 4.5 to Livecode 8/9 and . . .
> my code is peppered with
> set the useUnicode to true
> and
> set the useUnicode to false
> statements.
> Does anyone know if I have to remove them, or will they just sit there
> like one's appendix,
> a useless 'something' from an earlier developmental stage?

The "useUnicode" property will eventually be removed (no sooner than 
LiveCode 10, I expect), so you should remove code that sets it if you 
get the opportunity.


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