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Ali Lloyd ali.lloyd at
Tue Nov 15 15:41:10 EST 2016

I was thinking a parameter array would be better than many additional
params. That way, additional info is cheap.

So currently the proposed params are:
- current build platform
- current build target/architecture (to disambiguate between 32 bit/64
- total number of standalones to build
- which standalone of the total is being built
- build folder

Richard, what's the rationale for having the target folder before the
standalone is built, considering you get the folder as a parameter to
standaloneSaved? It *sort of* strikes me as a recipe for disaster, but
that's just a feeling I'm getting.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 7:28 PM Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> Ben Rubinstein wrote:
>  > If you're proposing that the LC IDE maintain a build number for every
>  > stack, that might save a bit of effort for some sub-set of the
>  > audience which uses build numbers; but for those who for whatever
>  > reason use build numbers or similar in some scheme incompatible with
>  > the one provided, it might make workarounds more complicated. I
>  > certainly wouldn't object to it as an additional feature!
> Agreed on both counts:  desirable, but not currently universal enough to
> matter to some.
> I've adopted build numbers separate from version numbers years ago.
> Version numbers are useful for communicating change to humans, and build
> numbers provide a simple means of communicating change among automated
> processes.
> Many years ago Ken Ray wrote a very comprehensive function for comparing
> version numbers that accommodates a wide range of common schemes, but
> there are always variants, and the schemes he covers require a *lot* of
> code.
> For automated processes, hard to beat the simplicity of a single integer
> value.
> But I can appreciate that some may not maintain both a version number
> and a build number, and it's not my place to require that they do.
> So I'm not opposed to any params sent with a savingStandalone message
> that work well for most folks.  The platform distinction is a must, and
> I'd love to have the destination path, but beyond that I can take care
> of my own needs well enough.
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