margins ignored in formattedHeight for 8?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Nov 10 22:39:06 CET 2016

Interesting...I'm working with formattedheight today too. I have a field 
placed under an image where it can't be seen. It slides down sometimes 
and moves everything below it down to accomodate. When I get the 
formattedheight of the group the controls are in, it returns the same 
number regardless of whether the field is under the image or below it.

Something's odd. LC 8.1.1.

On 11/10/16 3:16 PM, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
> Is 8 ignoring margins in calculating formattedHeight?
> Placing a single line of text into a field, which is Helvitica Bold size 9,
> and margins of 0,6,0,0, it manages to return a formattedHeight of 7 when
> checking . . .
> uhh . . . .
> Am I missing something here?
> This worked for years in 5/7 for years; now I am having to add the
> topMargin explicitly, with timers (if the seconds > something then
> breakpoint) to remember to take them back out.

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