Stop app going to sleep - need locationChanged?

Alan alanstenhouse at
Tue Nov 8 00:16:11 EST 2016

Using LC 8.1 on iOS I'm trying to get my app to not sleep so that I can continue to receive location updates for path tracking etc. 

However, when the phone goes to sleep or the phone is manually locked, then the location updates (locationChanged) messages no longer appear to be received/sent.

I've tried also setting the "Background audio (experimental)" flag in the Standalone settings screen which should stop "Exit on Suspend" (apparently). But this still doesn't help with locationChanged messages - they're no longer sent/received until the app is woken up, when they start again.

I haven't yet tried the hack to add the Exit on Suspend flag to the .plist file.

I also haven't tried Monte's MergBgTask external for iOS.

Anyone done this before and if so, what's the solution?

Or is the answer just to turn "Auto-lock" off in General settings on the phone?



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