Stack name conflicts resolved?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Nov 7 18:19:37 EST 2016

Monte Goulding wrote:

 > For most of the issues this thread is discussing though I actually
 > don’t think the main thing we need is UUIDs. We *think* we need UUIDs
 > only because we are used to thinking of object references as strings.
 > If we have an object reference (think `is strictly an object`) and we
 > have versions of all APIs that return object references that can
 > return these object references instead then we have something much
 > better because it won’t need to be parsed from string -> object all
 > the time.

I'd like that, and I agree, UUIDs are a longer-term consideration here.

For now many of our stack name conflicts could be resolved if topstack 
used the path info it delivers to make sure it's returning the right 
object reference.

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