Stack name conflicts resolved?

mwieder ahsoftware at
Mon Nov 7 13:30:39 EST 2016


Those are (mostly) all good points.

But the problem that concerns me is not when I have done something stupid
and end up with two stacks of the same name competing for memory space, but
when the IDE suddenly pops up the warning message and I have no idea what
has just happened. At that point I go to shutdown mode because the three
options in the dialog are confusing and ambiguous (assuming a three-state
ambiguity isn't a contradiction).

Using the long id to refer to stacks works (or at least should work) for all
situations except for stacks that haven't yet been saved to disk. And for
those stacks I would suggest storing the creation timestamp as a custom
property on creating a new stack so that they can be distinguished. (but I
also think the idea that a newly created stack gets the name "Untitled_1"
needs revisiting).

I haven't yet had the chance to implement Richard's patch, but I'm looking
forward to trying it out.

 Mark Wieder
 ahsoftware at
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