export snapshot

Paul Hibbert paul at livecode.org
Sun Nov 6 15:11:46 EST 2016

> On Nov 6, 2016, at 11:54 AM, hh <hh at hyperhh.de> wrote:
> Tested to work here in LC 9.0.0-dp1 on
> MacOS 10.12.1
> Win 7/10
> Linux (Mint173)
> on mouseUp
>   put specialfolderPath(home)&"/test.png" into sph
>   export snapshot from img "test" to file sph as PNG
> end mouseUp
> So you could test whether you have write permission in the
> folder where you wish to write to.

A very good point, I found the defaultFolderPath was set to;

/Users/paulhibbert/Library/Application Support/RunRev/Documentation Cache/9_0_0_dp_1_commercial/IDE

After I had been using the dictionary I presume.

So that wasn’t going to work out well! In fact LC9.0.0(dp1) did write the file, it just wasn’t where I expected it to be, but that’s because I didn’t control the destination in my (quick) experiment - another lesson learnt. :)


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