Paul Hibbert paul at
Sun Nov 6 14:53:05 EST 2016

> On Nov 6, 2016, at 9:41 AM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at <mailto:richmondmathewson at>> wrote:
> I wonder why this:
> set text of the selectedText to numToCodePoint(2309)
> [when I have a textField with a selection point within it]
> doesn't work (LC 8.1).
> Richmond.

I didn’t expect it to work (set property of a function?), but it does here on Mac in LC8.1.1(rc2) and LC9.0.0(dp1), either of the following seem to have the desired effect;
put numToCodePoint(2309) into the selection

put numToCodePoint(2309) into the selectedText


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