Updating Text-Script Only Stacks in Run-Time, Message Path Memory

Monte Goulding monte at appisle.net
Sun Nov 6 00:31:25 EDT 2016

> On 6 Nov. 2016, at 1:33 pm, Mark Wieder <ahsoftware at sonic.net> wrote:
>> So, yes… something is causing the IDE not to pick up the changes in the open scripts and (re)placing it in the message path.
> Yep. It's one of the two reasons I don't use script-only stacks.

From the sounds of the original description I’m more suspicious of the message box than anything to do with loading the script correctly when it’s applied or script only stacks. The message box does a certain amount of jiggery pokery to interpret what you enter.

FWIW I work with script only stacks most of the time and have not noticed anything like this. Of course if you are making changes in a text editor and expecting those to be reflected in the running IDE then you are out of luck.



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