Goofy question about Datagrids

Sri sritcp at
Sat Nov 5 17:31:11 CET 2016

Bob Sneidar-2 wrote
> Well I discovered that what you CANNOT do is call a user-defined command
> or function that has not been loaded yet, as in a front or back script
> that has not been inserted yet. If I do, when I open the stack I get an
> error. I suppose I could do the inserts in a preopen handler, but the
> scripts are contained in buttons in the stack that is not open yet. Not
> sure how that would play out.
> Bob S


May be I have not understood what you are trying to do, but a user-defined
function in the same script as the FillinData handler of the column in
question works perfectly for me.

Above is the original phone number format. I tried to convert it by adding
an fConvert function in the column behavior of the "Phone" column, as

on FillInData pData
   -- set the text of field 1 of me to pData
   set the text of field 1 of me to fConvert(pData)
 end FillInData
function fConvert pData
   set the itemDel to "-"
   return "(" & item 1 of pData & ")" &&  (item 2 of pData) && (item 3 of
end fConvert

It works perfectly; here's the image.


I hope the images show in the post (My post wouldn't make any sense


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