Practical TDD in LiveCode

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Nov 4 19:30:46 EDT 2016

Peter W A Wood wrote:

 > I have published a simple test framework, Mini-Test. It can be used
 > to test both LiveCode handlers and GUI interfaces. (This is latter is
 > a credit to LiveCode’s features not me). It is rooted in MiniTest,
 > the testing framework included with Ruby. It does not include test
 > doubles, code coverage or performance testing.
 > LiveCode, the company, has a test framework but, personally, I found
 > it too complicated for my own use. I felt something written wholly in
 > LiveCode would be easier to handle.
 > If you want to take a look:

Thanks, Peter.  Sounds like an excellent too.

Once I dive into it I may find it very satisfying as-is, but the liberal 
licensing encourages pull requests if I can think of any to add.

Well done.  Thanks.

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