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Fri Nov 4 15:02:43 EDT 2016

Already pointed it out to the powers that be, and they acknowledged it was an issue. I was thinking that since dev stacks don't throw errors when gRevRevelopment is set to false, devs might use this as a poor man's "try/catch/donothing" mechanism so they do not have to check for conditions which might make it fail. 

It was a long shot, but I couldn't think of how a bit of code could be bad syntax in a release version of LC. Apparently it's not code that affects anything major. 

Bob S

> On Nov 3, 2016, at 17:54 , Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> Bob Sneidar wrote:
> > ...I set the global gRevDevelopment to true so I can step through
> > the scripts.
> That should not be necessary.
> > To my horror I am finding a number of errors where a handler is being
> > called that didn't exist, but it never shows up because if
> > gRevDevelopment is false, plugins silently fail.
> How?
> Plugins are just stacks like any other, they just happen to live in a Plugins folder.
> Was that a direct call, or using "dispatch"?  Dispatch is designed to allow calls to handlers that don't exist.
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