Practical TDD in LiveCode

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri Nov 4 14:03:31 EDT 2016

Surely Test Driven Development depends on how the developers work
with a given programming environment, not on the programming environment 


On 4.11.2016 19:51, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> One of many interesting discussions in our local LC User Group meeting 
> last night was from a relative newcomer who asked about TDD support.
> I was able to tell him we have an assert command, and that many 
> developers have a wide range of ad hoc test harnesses in use.
> But what I couldn't point him to is a single harness framework in our 
> community suitable for broad use.
> Is there one?
> If not, what would it look like?
> How granularly should we write tests?  How much value is there if the 
> writing of a test takes longer than writing the thing being tested? 
> Should we write a second test for when a handler in our core business 
> logic is integrated into a GUI, where the varieties of things that can 
> happen with input and events is much broader? Should a good harness 
> simulate GUI events?  If so, how to make sure they attempt sufficient 
> erroneous inputs to ensure the scope of our error handling?  How do we 
> chain tests into a comprehensive automated "Test All"?
> So many questions...
> How do we make one good test harness that answers them all, at least 
> reasonably well?

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