Scripting style: Verbs in function names

Monte Goulding monte at
Thu Nov 3 18:16:10 EDT 2016

Hi LiveCoders

In a PR I have open Peter has asked me to `Please name this function with a verb` and I recognised that in LiveCode this is something I don’t do out of habit while in other languages it is. Why? Because in the context the a function is used there is already a verb in the statement in our language. I definitely think verbs should be used for custom handler names though. It seems to me that if my gut feeling and what I’ve been practicing for a long time is seen as general best practice for the community then it should be documented.

I notice that there’s a mix of noun and verb engine functions.

What do people think:

put GetSomething() into container


put Something() into container

BTW I’m happy to change my ways I’m just curious what people think.



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