LCServer on Synology DSM

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 2 15:07:19 EDT 2016

John Allijn wrote:

 > The dsm software has improved a lot since in the last two years.
 > I use my DS212j for files storage (it even runs owncloud) and a
 > number of cloud apps. Apache works fine, as does wordpress. It
 > would be nice if I could get LCserver to run. It would than be
 > a really complete test environment.
 > I'll give it a try. Maybe it could help others as well and be
 > an extra platform for other hobbyists like me :)

Thanks for that background.  I knew Synology NASes were more open than 
most of the consumer solutions, but I hadn't realized just how open they 
are.  Very good to know.  Seems like a very flexible toolkit.  Now 
you've got me window shopping at Newegg.... :)

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