LCServer on Synology DSM

John Allijn at
Wed Nov 2 19:03:46 CET 2016

The dsm software has improved a lot since in the last two years. 
I use my DS212j for files storage (it even runs owncloud) and a number of cloud apps. Apache works fine, as does wordpress. It would be nice if I could get LCserver to run. It would than be a really complete test environment. 
I'll give it a try. Maybe it could help others as well and be an extra platform for other hobbyists like me :)

> Op 2 nov. 2016 om 18:01 heeft Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> het volgende geschreven:
> Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:
> > When Apple decided to "end of life" for their big OS X Server.
> > Our net admin here switched to a Synology device as the "Maha"
> > (Great) server on the LAN (15 terrabytes storage or more… not
> > sure exactly.)
> >
> > That change hit hard, because I was running LC Server on top
> > of Apache under on the OS X server.. That said, compared to
> > linux plain vanilla web server… Apple'simple mentation of web
> > framework was horrible, strange paths for CGI, lots of conflicts
> > on the same machine with simple file sharing… it was never very
> > happy camper etc.  Every upgrade would break it…
> >
> > But at least I could to a lot of useful things locally by setting
> > up API's on the machine that could access the file system, and
> > users could access thing via the browser and desktop clients
> > using HTTP to talk to the web server on that box e.g. one really
> > cool tool was to use the server's Locate database for custom
> > search engine.. sheesh my LC implementation worked even better
> > than Spotlight…
> >
> > All gone now … I got a small Lenovo Think box here to set up
> > Ubuntu locally for web services… but no interaction with Synology
> > device because it runs some proprietary flavor of web services
> >…I did not pursue it…
> When I was first looking for a file sharing solution I looked into NASes, even FreeNAS.
> But ultimately I was hoping to find something more than file sharing, something that sync local folders and provides extensible services as well.  And ideally it would run under Ubuntu on the same server I use for other things, rather than require me to get a new box with separate drives for the OS and file storage.
> And that's when I found Nextcloud (formerly ownCloud):
> Runs under Apache on just about any Linux system, so I can run it alongside LC Server or anything else, all on one box.  Native clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux mean my LiveCode Plugins folder is always up to date on every machine I use.  And native clients on iOS and Android mean my ebook collection is also in sync.
> And then there's the build-in support for viewing and editing OpenOffice documents, shared calendar and other apps, a good third-party API for more apps, flexible account management, and so much more.....
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