Goofy question about Datagrids

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Wed Nov 2 09:13:46 EDT 2016

Interestingly I actually wasn't aware of LC's table field when I was working
on the interface of my current app. Given all my previous work with LC was
really about utilities that acted on something external and produced
something external to the stack. Indeed I rarely made standalones being
quite happy to use my tools while in the IDE.
When I did think of the table field I saw it as nothing more than a way to
display tab delimited text.

Where I have needed to use a table "like" field I have also wanted to have
something more than just text involved.
For example, a checkbox or a radio button. An image or some other control
associated with a line of the table.

The data grid makes this really quite easy, once you get your head around

It is really useful to go through the examples in the Data Grid guide (the
one included with LC 8.1+, not the one on the LC web site) and just follow
along. The examples should all work as they had to be tested in order to
create the images to match LC8+'s IDE. It is really worthwhile and doing
them, rather than just reading through them takes a lot of the mystery out
of the Data Grid and makes you appreciate what a phenomenal job Trevor did
in creating it.

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