How do you maintain image source reference on multiple platforms?

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Tue Nov 1 12:22:48 EDT 2016

On November 1, 2016 9:20:17 AM "Tiemo Hollmann TB" <toolbook at> wrote:

> On windows I only create the windows standalone. For the final tests,
> adaptions and creating the standalone for Mac OS, I copy the source stack to
> my Mac. Here comes my issue. All of my images have a windows path as source
> reference, like "C:/myPath/recsources/myImage.png", which obviously doesn't
> work on Mac. I tried to set the image source path to a relative path like
> "/resources/myImage.png", hoping that would catch the image on both
> platforms, but obviously relative paths are not working as image source.
> This would be a clean solution for this issue.

If you are setting the path in the property inspector, I think there's an 
extra slash at the beginning of the path. Try "resources/myImage.png". I 
believe there's an option in preferences to automatically use relative 
paths when you select a file in the inspector but I'm not on my computer 
right now to check.

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