How do you maintain image source reference on multiple platforms?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Nov 1 15:11:00 CET 2016



after I got the trick on how to handle multiple image sources for  different
screen resolutions, I began changing all images in my programs from imported
images to external references. I created on my development platform windows
a "resource" folder under my development folder, referenced my images to
that folder, added all image files to the standalone setting "copy files"
and set the destination folder for the copy files in the standalone setting
also to a folder "resources". So far, that works fine now.


On windows I only create the windows standalone. For the final tests,
adaptions and creating the standalone for Mac OS, I copy the source stack to
my Mac. Here comes my issue. All of my images have a windows path as source
reference, like "C:/myPath/recsources/myImage.png", which obviously doesn't
work on Mac. I tried to set the image source path to a relative path like
"/resources/myImage.png", hoping that would catch the image on both
platforms, but obviously relative paths are not working as image source.
This would be a clean solution for this issue.


Since the transport of the source stacks is not a one time thing, but can be
made quite often in the last steps of the project (to always keep the master
source on my main dev platform windows), it actually can't be it to change
manually all image paths each time after moving the stack from one platform
to the other. Do I oversee anything here, or is the only solution to write a
script, which runs thru all objects and converts the image paths each time I
transfer my stacks? If yes, has anybody such a small tool? I fear, I am the
only one, who is developing on two platforms, otherwise this must have come
up earlier.


How do you handle this? Any recommendations welcome




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