[ANN] calendar widget updated

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Tue Nov 1 03:06:37 CET 2016

you have a good and clear concept (and LC will have probably soon
one too?).

What I can't see in this discussion is the "mass of widgets".
This sounds as if there were already close to 1000(!) in the
folks. What I can find is below 40, not such a mass.

I started a community thread, nobody else contributed, not even
with a link to his/her widgets collection.

So this is my proposal: Let's have (say) 100 published 'community'
widgets. [I mean all LiveCoders with 'community' here].

Then we start with organising or re-organizing according to your
considerations. I don't believe the missing organization blocks
the production of widgets. But I also don't know what the blocker is.


> Mike K. wrote:
> If we are going to have mass forking and posting, I think that better,
> tighter management of the community widgets, including someone doing
> something similar to what Apple does with the App Store when it says
> "there are too many of this kind of app. Yours doesn't do anything
> different" would make the experience of widget shopping (whether the
> widget is paid or free) a lot cleaner.

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