Fwd: LC / WordPress / CGI challenge

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Sun May 29 10:51:10 EDT 2016

I have someone building a WordPress website for me. I personally do not know WordPress. He doesn't know how to address the following issue. I know how to do much of it through Livecode, but I'm not sure how to integrate the two.

One feature of the site is that users get to input a rating on a particular matter. This cumulative rating is then displayed at the site.

The following items need to occur. I am very comfortable writing the back-end CGI code and processing it through LC.

1) when a given page is displayed, the cumulative rating needs to show on that page. How do I make a wordpress page initiate a CGI/LC script when that page is loaded, and display the result within a text block on that page?

2) what method can I use to limit one user from entering only one rating on a given matter? For example, I am asking users to rate a particular video on the basis of its believability. I don't want any one user to submit that rating on that particular video more than once, thereby skewing the results. Does this require me to force users to sign in with a username and password, then track that embedded information when they submit a rating, or is there an alternative which avoids signing in?

Thanks for any feedback.
Richard Miller

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