Getting a framegrab of the video in a player

Tim Selander selander at
Sat May 28 15:20:19 CEST 2016

Hi Paul,

Thanks. That seems to work... putting it into a text fld results 
in the gibberish I'd expect from a jpeg in ascii form. Putting it 
into an image object shows the QT player frame and controls, but 
not the video frame itself...

Exporting to a file, a la the dictionary, didn't seem to do 
anything. No error reported, but no file made either.

Anyway, progress!


On 2016.05.28, 22:01, Paul Dupuis wrote:
> On 5/28/2016 8:46 AM, Tim Selander wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Once upon a time I am almost positive that I could grab a screenshot
>> of the current video frame in a player, and paste it into a scrolling
>> field.
>> But I've forgotten how, and no scouring of the dictionary or google
>> help. Can anyone tell me how it's done?
>> many thanks.
> The only way I have found is using "export snapshot" from the player
> object. You first want to lock the screen and hide the controller though
> so you only get the current frame. if the player border is an issue, use
> the 'from rect' form of export snapshot with the player's rect less the
> borderWidth on all sides.
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