Help with frames and browser widget

David Bovill david at
Sat May 28 05:38:25 EDT 2016

If I have a behavior of a web page that I want to emulate in browser
widgets in Livecode, where the html page opens up new frames or browser
tabs, what are the principles to replicate this using multiple browser

*Trapping and creating browser widget frames ?*
We can trap the "browserNavigateBegin pUrl" message, or perhaps the
"browserFrameDocumentLoadBegin pUrl" message, and then create the new
browser window - I think (not tried).

*Interacting between browser widget frames ?*
But then how do we "communicate" between these frames. Say an html link
uses the target attribute. is it the case that we need to trap all
interactions in Livecode and pass these messages to the other browser

If javascript in one browser widget wants to communicate to the related
"browser frame widget" - as it might do using window.postmessage - then I
guess the only way would be to add a Livecode handler to the Javascript,
and let LiveCode pass the message on?

Any examples of multiple browser widgets communicating with each other out

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