[blog] Quicktime Dependency Solved

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at livecode.com
Fri May 27 11:05:37 EDT 2016

On 27/05/2016 16:01, Mark Wieder wrote:
> On 05/27/2016 03:11 AM, Peter TB Brett wrote:
>> On 27/05/2016 06:27, Mark Wieder wrote:
>>> On 05/26/2016 09:11 AM, Heather Laine wrote:
>>>> Folks,
>>>> A fine blog post from Iain MacPhail regarding his recent work on the
>>>> LiveCode Player Object:
>>> Dang!
>>> I was really hoping this was going to work on linux.
>> I'm really curious what made you think that that was at all likely to
>> happen.
> Possibly it was the part in the blog post that said "a new version of
> the LiveCode player object has been created that doesn’t directly call
> the underlying system calls that are specific to one implementation or
> another"... but yeah, just wishful thinking on my part.

Ah.  Yes, there's quite a difference between creating an abstraction 
between per-platform implementations, and actually writing a specific 
platform's implementation to use with the abstraction... a difference of 
about 90% of the work, probably.

I suspect that if someone was to implement the abstract platform player 
class for Linux, they would probably want to use the gstreamer API.


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