How to select behavior on another card in LC8

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu May 26 01:50:36 EDT 2016

Ali, here's a proposal for one possible UX scenario for setting behaviors in a "WSIWIG" way

Adobe solved this already in a similar use case for setting book marks in Acrobat. 

create book mark (button or control on card 1 in our LC way…)

If action is to go to another page, then a "hanging" palette pops upand over lays the page… 
User now navigations through the document  and when he finds the target, clicks "set link"

So let's translate this for our use case:

1. User clicks the behavior button icon in the property inspector for Control-X
2. Instead of a menu a small palette stack opens.  behind the scenes you issue a "Push Card" to the top stack

top to bottom  the palette looks like this:

Traverse your stack(s) for more behaviors  
# you could even have a next and previous icons to dispatch go next card and  go previous card to the top stack I have this on some of the plugins for my own stacks
# display the possible parent controls as you do now in the menu:
[list field "Available Behaviors"]
Button "apples
Button "oranges"
Stacks # this will remain sticky
  --Some Other Stack
  -- Some other stack

Now as soon as the user traverses the top stack the palette contents of fld "Available Behaviors" updates to show
the behaviors on that card… the inspector is still open and lock to the object in Card one.

As soon as the user chooses a behavior: pop card (of top stack)
If the users closes the inspector… then auto close the Available Behaviors palette and do not pop card.
Assume the navigated to some other card and decide to exit this operation and want to do something where they are now.


On 5/25/16, 10:44 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of Ali Lloyd" <use-livecode-bounces at on behalf of ali.lloyd at> wrote:

>Indeed that was the decision, it's a somewhat tricky one. We're open to
>suggestions of how to improve it! (Perhaps there should be a card submenu?)
>Stacks can be behaviours now (particularly useful with script-only stacks),
>hence the presence of stacks on that menu.

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