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Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Wed May 25 22:11:51 EDT 2016

Since the PB and the AB are both written in straight-up LC, why not try
working on them?  No LCB required.

On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 9:05 PM, Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at> wrote:

> And Richmond you aren't Steve either, your distortion reality field
> only extends to you.
> So no matter how often you try to completely distort reality, it isn't
> working. Your statement about LC EOLing the AB is a straight out
> misrepresentation of the facts which you are fully aware of because
> you participated in a recent long thread about the AB in which:
> Peter Brett stated on 26Nov15:
> >*Everything* shipped with LiveCode is supported.  If we don't intend to
> support it, we don't ship it.
> Which seems pretty clear but you Richmond replied that you interpreted
> this statement as a indication that LC had 'downgraded' the
> Application Browser.
> Mark Weider on 27Nov15:
> >Actually, I don't see that as a downgrade at all.
> >Making it a plugin allows it to be more malleable, fixable, replaceable.
> Taking it out
> >of the IDE hierarchy should give us more options to work on the
> Application
> >Browser. Since the team wants to do other things, it's up to the
> community to fix the
> >AB, and making it a plugin makes it easier to do so.
> Which didn't seem to penetrate your distortion field as you Richmond
> concluded:
> >Aah, so the team isn't going to bother to listen to the Community because
> it wants to
> >do other things; so it is chucking the Application Browser out to grass.
> So this is where you and only you have concluded that the AB is EOL.
> You also wrote:
> >Makes me wonder, again, again, about that word: "community".
> So yes, if YOU as part of the community are completely unprepared to
> modify/improve the AB, then it may remain stagnant, AND if YOU decide
> to take the AB out of the Plugins folder and place it in the Trash
> then yes, in YOUR world the AB is EOL.
> So here's my distorted version of reality. If no one from the
> community touches the AB, then it must be PERFECT and so it'll remain
> in the Plugins Folder forever. How lucky we are!
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