Is MobGUI compatible with V8

William Prothero prothero at
Thu May 26 01:01:11 CEST 2016

I have an app that uses mobGUI and runs fine in LC 7.1.3. However, it fails in LC 8.1.0. I’m wondering if anybody has had troubles with mobGUI in LC 8. I’m still using LC 7 because of mysteries with groups in 8. I know there is little reason to use mobGUI in 8, but I will still be using lots of object groups and don’t want to commit just yet. Another possibility is a failure in the datagrid stuff. However, I don’t want to try to dig into dg if there’s a problem with mobGUI.

Also, I want to do a rewrite of that app anyway, but just waiting for LC8 bugs to be fixed. It’s getting much better, but still not quite “there” for me.


William Prothero, Ph.D.
University of California, Santa Barbara, Emeritus
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