Confusion over builds.

James Hale james at
Tue May 24 20:12:34 EDT 2016

Hi Richmond,
Sorry about the confusion, Peter was very quick to remove the entries I had referred to.

As for leaving things, you are a bit confused. The versions I referred to were in fact "milestones" on GitHub. I was making no comment at all on the download page only the  work in progress pages of GitHub.

However Peter's post offered a complete picture of how they are trying to manage these items and clarified, somewhat, my concerns and questions.


> I honestly don't know what you are talking about. Here:
> I can see 8.0.1 STABLE  and 8.1.0 RC1
> So, there is no "8.0.2" and no "8.10"
> Over in GitHub things are, by the nature of GitHub, likely to be 
> somewhat more confusing.
> This is one of the main reasons when I want to find out the way the 
> numbering of Livecode
> releases is going I stick to the download page.
> Certainly, I can see that one could, carelessly, mistake "8.1.0" for 
> "8.10", but, then, things are always
> worth a second look.
> "start with removing those builds that are actually released"
> No, let's NOT, and let's use them as the road-map, and not the others: 
> otherwise we'd still all
> be sitting around waiting for Hypercard 3.0.

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