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Hi Monte,

> Am 24.05.2016 um 22:31 schrieb Monte Goulding <monte at>:
> Hi All
> As a result of some contributions Mark Wieder is making to fix some issues with reset paint I have identified some issues with setting patterns to a patternNumber (rather than image id). These are documented as patternNumber 1 to 164 being translated by the engine to image id 136 to 300. It turns out we don’t have the full set in the IDE. I’m not sure how to get hold of MetaCard these days but I’m pretty sure there’s some people here that do so what I’d like to know is does it contain all image IDs 136 to 300?


> Here’s some bug numbers that would be good to kill:
> Here’s where I’m working on it:
> At the moment my changes still need some work because I believe they still incorrectly map pattern 1-> image id 137 instead of 136 so I believe the documented range should be 136 to 299 but it would be good to know what the range was in MetaCard to confirm.
> Thanks for your help!

I could send you the „“ stack, which contains everything from the MC IDE!
Just drop a line.

> Cheers
> Monte



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